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Bookplates – Inscriptions for you wonderful readers

I’ve always enjoyed book signings, even the quiet ones where hardly anybody came out. These days, however, so many people order books online. That Prime free shipping brings the book right to your door. It’s a convenience that makes going out to the author event seem just so…1980s.

OK, I get that. I’m just as addicted to Prime as the next person. As much as I encourage y’all to go out to Blue Cypress Books or Octavia Books, yeah, I know you’ll go for Prime. So, here’s a modest proposal.

When Jason Kander dropped his book, Outside the Wire, a couple of weeks ago, he offered to sign books that were pre-ordered. The way he handled personal inscriptions and basic autographs was to have people email him their proof of purchase, say, your Amazon receipt, and he would mail back a bookplate with the inscription requested.

I like this idea, and I’m looking at getting some bookplates printed up for the Talents, Dragons, and History books. I’ll keep you posted when these are available. If you have suggestions for the design of the bookplate, drop me an email at while I’m working this all out.


So many of us like e-books, but we also like the notion of a signed copy from the author. Authorgraph helps bring the two together. From their website:

Authorgraph makes it possible for authors to sign e-books for their readers. Really!

Getting an Authorgraph is easy:

  • Search or browse for your favorite authors or books
  • Click “Request Authorgraph” (you can include a short message to the author)
  • Receive an email when the author has signed your Authorgraph
  • View your Authorgraph in your favorite reading apps and devices

You don’t have to search to get an Authorgraph for Edward’s Books — Click the Widget below and choose your book(s).

Get your e-book signed by Edward Branley

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