Call for Submissions

NOLA yuletide

NORTA 932, decorated for Yuletide (State Library of Louisiana photo)

Call for submissions for two anthologies

Elysian Fields Press is working on two anthologies, one to be published in December, the other in February, 2019. We’re very excited to expand our published offerings.

NOLA Yuletide

We will publish our first anthology, NOLA Yuletide, this December. This will be an e-book only collection of 3-5 short stories, along with poetry, and illustrations. The theme matches the title: NOLA Yuletide. We’re looking for stories, poems, and artwork that invokes NOLA during the Yule season.

Check out the details on NOLA Yuletide, our submission guidelines, and submit your work.

Fantastic Mardi Gras

Our second anthology will be a more extensive product, approximately 100 pages, to be published as both an e-book and paperback. Fantastic Mardi Gras will feature stories, poetry, and illustrations in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. They’ll be about Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Check out the details on Fantastic Mardi Gras, our submission guidelines, and submit your work.

Our Anthologies

Our goal with respect to EFP anthologies is two-tracked. We plan publish e-zine style collections, curated by various authors and editors. To get there, we hope to use these first two publications to fund on-going production via the web.

EFP wants to promote New Orleans, New Orleans writing, and New Orleans authors. We want the world to enjoy stories set in New Orleans, as well as stories that have New Orleans themes. This is a journey on which we’d like to take as many of you along.

In the next few days, we’ll be promoting a crowdfunding page to raise seed money for our anthologies. We’d love you to support us.

If you have thoughts, ideas, for how we can bring more New Orleans stories to the world, please drop us a line. Pitch us your work. Support our authors. Let’s have some fun!



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