Fantastic Mardi Gras – Our Second Anthology!

Fantastic Mardi Gras!

fantastic mardi gras

“Mardi Gras Indian Red” – courtesy Loyola University New Orleans

Fantastic Mardi Gras – Our Second Anthology

Mardi Gras in New Orleans, from parades to balls to Indians to roaming the streets of the French Quarter, it’s all fertile ground for speculative fiction.


Science Fiction – Science and technology with a New Orleans Mardi Gras setting or theme. Make it a Space Opera, a medical science drama, whatever moves you as a writer.

Fantasy – Speculative fiction, high and low, Contemporary or Historical.


Mardi Gras in New Orleans – and something more than “I went to Mardi Gras once” is important. Mardi Gras is more than just parades. Use the nuance and your imagination.


  • Short fiction – Up to 3000 words. See the submission guidelines for all the technical details.
  • Poetry/Verse – Max 500 words.
  • Illustrations/Art – one page worth of illustration(s).

Age Range

We’re targeting this anthology at adults and permitting adult language, so YA submissions won’t fit this time.

Adult content

Adult language permitted. No erotica.

Submission Guidelines

Review our Submission Guidelines and Submit! 





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