NOLA Yuletide – EFP’s first anthology

NOLA Yuletide

NOLA yuletide

NORTA 932, decorated for Yuletide (State Library of Louisiana photo)

NOLA Yuletide – Our First Anthology

New Orleans at Yuletide – sometimes it’s chilly, sometimes it’s hot enough to go swimming. Almost every yule season, it’s wet and gloomy.

And it’s exciting!

Tell your Yuletide stories. Submit your NOLA-themed poetry or art.


Science Fiction – Science and technology with a New Orleans setting or theme. Make it a Space Opera, a medical science drama, whatever moves you as a writer.

Fantasy – Speculative fiction, high and low, Contemporary or Historical.


Metro New Orleans must be the theme or setting. For example, a story about a bartender in Mid-City with a cat familiar, or perhaps a cook on a space freighter who worked at an “old-line” New Orleans restaurant. So long as the story invokes New Orleans in more detail than, say, “I went to Mardi Gras once”, you’re on the right track. Same idea for poetry and illustrations.


  • Short fiction – Up to 3000 words. See the submission guidelines for all the technical details.
  • Poetry/Verse – Max 500 words.
  • Illustrations/Art – one page worth of illustration(s).

Age Range

We’re targeting this anthology at adults and permitting adult language, so YA submissions won’t fit this time.

Adult content

Adult language permitted. No erotica.


Submission Guidelines here.

Use this form to submit for NOLA Yuletide.




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