The Talents Universe of Edward J. Branley

The Talents Universe of Edward J. Branley

The Talents Universe!

Hidden Talents

Renard Alciatore is a thirtysomething photographer in New Orleans. He makes his living shooting weddings, portraits, you know, the kind of things photographers do. He’s quite knowledgeable about computers, as many photographers skilled with editors such as PhotoShop are.

Ren is a bit of an activist, working to expose a corrupt radio preacher. He lends his computer/web skills to the “Jay Hadley Fan Club”, hoping to convince folks that Hadley is more con-man than man of God. Because of this, Ren runs afoul of Hadley’s publisher, who wants to get rid of the people creating problems for Hadley.

When a hit man comes for Ren, he encounters a problem. By attacking Ren, the hit man awakens his “Talents” – paranormal abilities that were dormant up until now. A stranger appears out of nowhere and places Ren under “protection.” Ren then learns about his Talents, and prepares to face his enemies.

Trusted Talents

Trusted Talents

Ren’s story continues in the recently-released Trusted Talents. After spending the Fall and Winter learning how to control and use his Talents, the Carnival celebration descends on New Orleans. Ren goes to parades and parties, practicing the use of those Talents.

There’s a catch: Someone’s stealing magickal artifacts – in the middle of Mardi Gras!

The priests of the Ordo Archangelli keep their tools hidden until needed. New Orleans has kept some of their secrets well, until now. Daniel McCain is a Dark Adept of the same group that tried to kill Ren Alciatore at Samhain. Now, McCain comes close to acquiring a powerful set of tools. When all are in his possession, challenging and defeating him will cost lives.

And there’s no better time to hide these thefts than Carnival! The Ordo don’t know where the theives’ next target is. Ren wants to enlist the help of one of McCain’s cousins, Brooks Stirling Sumner, to learn more about the artifacts.

Renard Alciatore’s Talents are no longer hidden. Will the shadowy group known as the Assembly trust him? With the guidance of a Coven of Witches and knowledge from his new friend, Ren and The Assembly must protect their city from those who want to win at all costs. Bullets and magick are a strong combination to defeat!

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